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Close-up Magician Istanbul Turkey

Güncelleme tarihi: 3 Ağu 2023

Close-up Magician Istanbul Turkey

Özgür Kapmaz is guaranteed to blow audiences away with impressive close up magic tricks, fascinating mind reading skills and exceptional stage magic shows. A versatile illusionist, stage and close up magician can adapt his act to different situations and types of audience and perform

An entertainer that knows how to connect with his audience and keep them engaged, our fabulous magician adapt his stage magic shows and acts to the type of public he has in front of him. An in-demand corporate magician, he always customise his performances so they include logos or any other message you’d like to get across.

Close-up Magician Istanbul Turkey will leave guests at your party wondering how their eyes were tricked and their thoughts read. His mind reading skills and especially mind-blowing, and you can check this for yourself by playing the video above.

His close up magic acts and stage magic shows can fit into a variety of events and occasions. He regularly performs at corporate events, private parties, shopping malls, festivals, etc. He has also participated in various TV shows, had collaborated in various advertising campaigns and has entertained little ones and whole families at children’s parties.

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