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Magician Istanbul Turkey

Magician Özgür Kapmaz entertains everyone from 7 to 70 with his magical shows, serving all of Turkey and even the world.

He can also perform his shows in English as well as Turkish.

For your events, please contact for your magic show requests.

Services provided by Özgür Kapmaz:

  1. Magic shows for children

  2. Close-up Magic for companies

  3. Magic shows for corporate events

  4. Special illusion shows for product launches

  5. Special illusion designs for TV series, commercial shoots, and music videos

  6. Meta Magic show combining technology and the art of magic – hologram shows

  7. Magic Workshops

Bring life to your company's events with Magician Özgür Kapmaz with his 12 years of professional experience.

Do you have a corporate event in the works? Why not add some magic to make it unforgettable?

No matter what type of event it is, would you like to guarantee some "wow" moments and great reactions?

Magic shows are your secret weapon to entertain your customers, guests, and VIPs.

Magician Özgür Kapmaz's shows are a perfect way to add excitement and mystery to any corporate event.

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